When I was young (around 1980 ;-) I liked Eloy, a German Progressive Rock band, very much. I can recommend "Silent Cries and Mighty Echos" and "Time to Turn".

Beside that my favorites are in Dark/Gothic/Electro:

Project Pitchfork
Melodc Industrial-Electro from Germany. Highlights: "Entities" and "Daimonion".
Theatre of Tragedy
Gothic-Metal from Norway. Unfortunately, after two very good CDs ("Theatre of Tragedy", "Velvet Darkness They Fear") the quality went down.
Opera-Metal from Finland. I can recommend all CDs.
The Crüxshadows
Dark Wave from USA, also Live very good. My favorite is "Wishfire"
Dark Wave Rock from Germany. the CD "Weltunter" is genious.
Mechanical Moth
EBM/Dark Wave newcomer from Darmstadt (Germany) with melancholic woman's voice versus male rage.